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Working with Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge provides tailored solutions to growth businesses as a consulting and business advisory firm.

We align with founders and executives over the long term to elevate their businesses. Together, we innovate and execute purpose-driven, evidence-based strategies that ensure profitability for all stakeholders.

Cedar Ridge is an ideal partner to achieve key milestones such as opportunistic acquisitions or divestitures. We help you navigate a growth path during all stages of your business’ development, providing opportunities for organic and inorganic growth by optimizing your use of capital and maximizing value.



We help you realize the full vision you have for your business with the Cedar Ridge model that extends your skills and capabilities through joint participation and data-driven strategies.



Alignment | Participatory Approach | Transparency | Sustainability


Transparency, Discipline, and Clarity

Aligned with your Success

We listen and probe before acting to discover deeper meaning and goals. Through this deliberate process, we provide tailored advice to founders and executives to achieve their strategic objectives.

Influence goes beyond what you do, [it] includes what you get others to do. … Capital is very easy to replace, but influence isn’t.
— Roland Lescure
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Strategic Guidance for your Business

Businesses that are more sustainable achieve greater financial results than their peers. By using a cognitive-based, participatory model—shown to enhance client communication, planning, and decision-making skills, we identify and address needs and opportunities. Our deliberative process ensures projects are not only innovative, but also feasible, scalable, and sustainable.



Proper use of company data provides a clear path to a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We deploy data measurement and analysis with a rigor that allows companies to capitalize on the resources at their fingertips and develop a plan for future growth.

Through company analysis, we also form a deep understanding of customer values, goals, and processes before forming advice. This process provides the basis for sound strategies, analysis, and forecasting based on real data, industry research, and in-depth customer knowledge.


We provide market analysis, competitive positioning, and techniques to mitigate business threats and maximize opportunities.  

We work to assess the business to enhance company cash flow and other operating characteristics while reducing business risks. This analysis facilitates greater growth through ordinary course business operations.

In addition, we offer tools to guide implementation with milestones, timelines, and responsibilities clearly articulated.


CSR efforts reap dividends in the form of risk mitigation, follow-on reputational effects and impact on human capital, market appeal, and product positioning and pricing. Most importantly, CSR efforts also improve operational and financial performance.

However, there are opportunity costs with implementing CSR. Cedar Ridge provides materiality assessments to identify which measures will make the most impact on your business.


GOVERNANCE & Risk Management

By assessing management needs and assisting with the recruiting key additions to the management team, Cedar Ridge can improve company performance. Cedar Ridge creates plans to improve the retention of key talent, developing strategic growth or operating improvement initiatives, providing market analysis, managing the capital structure to assure the company of financial flexibility, guiding effective compensation policies and ensuring sound corporate governance.

Begin with the end in mind.
— Stephen Covey


Partner with Us

Achieve Results Together


Whether you are a business owner, an intermediary with a business opportunity to discuss, or a manager looking for a partner, we invite you to browse this site to learn about Cedar Ridge.  If you would like to collaborate with us, please reach out.

It will be best for everyone to have a deeper understanding of the world being disrupted than just the disruptive forces shaping the world.
— William Janeway
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